Thursday, November 16, 2017

They're All Africanized Bees!

They are not all Africanized. I want to dispel this myth so bad.  Over the years I have heard it less and less, but I just heard it again today! A lady from Tempe AZ called and wanted bees eradicated from a tree.  She called an exterminator and they said "they're all Africanized" Well of course an exterminator is going to say that, just like a sleezy used car salesman, they are always going to sell you on what they do. Bee Removal Phoenix  Won't do that.  This company is a grass roots group of beekeepers that travel all over the Arizona Valley and even the United States!  They remove and relocate bees to save them.  This is simply the most effective way to take care of bees. Exterminators will never solve a bee problem. 

FYI - Africanized bees need to be genetically lab tested to actually know if they are africanized. And about 80% of the bees in Arizona are medium aggressive to Docile.  So DON'T believe the hype. SAVE THE BEES

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Not 1, Not 2, But 3 HIVES and 1 Swarm of bees!

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Out in the Sonoran Desert the Arizona Bees are constantly moving through out March through November.  They tend to move into buildings in the more populated areas of Phoenix, and Scottsdale.  In this particular case a local Apartment complex had 3 hives and 1 swarm all within the matter of weeks. Make sure to save the bees and NOT kill them.  They are not all Africanized and even the aggressive bees can be removed and relocated.
Below you can see the honey comb and bees.

Below is after one of the hives was removed

This is the swarm

This is the 3rd hive where the bees were located. 

Our awesome beekeeper was on the call for this bee removal and relocation in beautiful Phoenix Arizona.  Call the Phoenix Bee removal Phoenix Company in order to get your bees relocated. DO NOT KILL THEM!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Birds and the Bees and Trees!

Birds are interesting, they are capable of making a nice home for themselves in all sorts of places, but the interesting thing about them is that they also leave a nice place for bees to move in, after the birds have moved out.  This can also happen in trees.  A couple trees to note that routinely are places bees love to move in are the Olive, Citrus, and Mulberry.  All of those trees are notorious for bees moving in.  The Bee Removal Phoenix guy routinely removes bees from underneath olive trees and just did a removal 2 weeks ago.  Typically some sort of critter moves in under the tree, and then the bees just fill in the entire empty space with honey comb and brood comb. For more information on this go check out that link above.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bees-what do they look like? What should I expect?

Bees are just what you think they are, black and yellow bugs with a sweet and dangerous attitude about them.  Here is some other news that may surprise you (especially here in Arizona) they are not all Africanized!  Yes you heard me right, there are a whole host of people who think it is this crazy phenomena that normal honey bees could actually exist, but they do, and to be brutally honest there have been a lot more removals this year than years prior where the bees have been very docile.  Don't buy into the idea that they are all out to kill people they aren't; however, that being said you should not take your casual encounter with bees as rare if they aren't chasing you.  Even the most aggressive bees can still go about their business without trying to come after you, even if you pass by them every day.  The real test of their character happens when you try to get into their hive, or they feel threatened in some way.  That is where you hear the news stories and the people getting stung, hospitalized even killed.

So what do they look like?  Can't you tell the difference between Africanized, European, Italian, and all other kinds of bees?  To answer that question let me ask you, can you tell what ethnic roots an American has?  Now can you tell how aggressive that person will be?  Of course these questions seem ridiculous when you are expected to judge the character of someone just based on looks, well it is the exact same for bees.  You really can't judge them based on looks, and honestly when it comes to their origin it is really a matter of genetics. In other words they need to be lab tested.  Now how aggressive are they?  Well that is something that was explained earlier, but as far as size, color and other odd things I hear from my clients's all nonsense.  I cannot tell you what to look for other than the experience. Now the actual shape and color can indicate different species and even different insects all together, but that is usually a little easier to assess than what is being promoted to the public.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Save the bees don't kill them

Bee removal and relocation is a highly specialized skill and is more time intensive than simply getting them exterminated.  Go check out Derek the Beekeeper at his best beekeeper in phoenix location. Either way you will not be disappointed with the level of customer service and care that you receive from these no nonsense companies.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Friday, March 29, 2013

This is the time

Right now is such a great time for the bees! They have   lot of food with all of these wonderful flowers out and they will produce honey!